Rolling Road

Our leading edge Rolling Road is capable of testing engines up to 1000 BHP. The data capture facility enables us to give clients full printouts of engine horsepower, torque, dual air fuel ratio, 5 gas emissions data capture, up to four temperatures and two pressures. The temperatures include air intake, oil and water plus an optional fourth temperature. Where applicable, oil and boost pressures are measured.

Our 34 years of hands on motor-sport experience of cars ranging up to F1 has taught us that one cannot get the best results from an engine without this level of information.

It may seem expensive to run your car on a rolling road however, no matter how technically skilled you are, it is not possible to set an engine by ear or road test without a lot of trial and error. It is also time consuming to do so.  Using a rolling road is far more effective and controlled.

Utilising the information gathered by a rolling road test, we are usually able to increase the power of your engine by adjustment of the equipment already fitted. From just fine tuning to a misfire problem, why spend thousands on special parts or hours of preparation only to get less than the full potential from your engine.

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