Engine Tuning

Get the most from your performance, with our in house experience we can make sure your car engine is fully tuned and running at it’s most optimum. We can even get your car hooked up to our fully custom in house rolling road, capable of tests up to 1,000 bhp!

We at Zul Racing now do Economy Maps which can save you up to 20% on fuel costsFANTASTIC Saving!

To do this we have:-

  • State of the art chassis dyno (1000 bhp rolling road)
  • The best ‘Snap-On’ Diagnostic equipment and much more!

The typical power gains are as follows:-

  • Diesel (Turbo) 30BHP-50BHP increase
  • Petrol (Turbo) 20BHP-55BHP increase
  • Non Turbo 10BHP-15BHP increase

This has no effect on your insurance, warranty or life of the car!

Please see feed back from clients who have had this done to their car by us on our Reviews page.

For more details please contact us.

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